Welcome! Thank you for landing on the Perspectives Academy Campus


From here on you can follow a number of routes. Our Academy (academy.perspect.it - this site) is where we write about the theoretical foundation, the technology in some detail, and the social and economic embedding of our ideas. And of course, the Academy provides several resources to become acquainted with Perspectives.

But you can also board the limousine that will take you quickly to the highlights that give businesses a new perspective on IT. Not as much background, but all things that matter neatly summed up, like:

  • what is the problem we solve?
  • what is modelling in Perspectives like?
  • what products do we offer?


Alternatively, board the public transport to InPlace (another website). InPlace is for the citizen. It is a theme park, a Disneyland with lots of interesting and fun places. InPlace supports people in their daily life without companies spying on them. InPlace is the next step in 'social computing'. It is not a service, but a foundation for services. Think WhatsApp, Uber and AirBnB but then each service created as just a few pages of (model) code on a common base (spoiler alert: isn't it weird that programs like AirBnB are still programmed in terms of concepts well established in the nineties? As if nothing happened since!).

More about us and our organisation can be found here. And, last but not least, we have a strong motivation.