About us

Perspect IT is a company of two, Cor Baars and Joop Ringelberg. We both have a background in (Good Old Fashioned) Artificial Intelligence and between us we can boast more than sixty years of experience in IT. We’ve applied this knowledge to large projects, working for large to very large clients. We’ve gradually, over the years, come to the conclusion that Things Are Not OK in IT. Perspectives is our contribution to mitigate the problems we’ve found.

Perspect IT is a Dutch company (a private limited liability company: Besloten Vennootschap), founded and held by the two of us.

Stichting Onze Meent is a Dutch foundation. It manages the software base of Perspectives, until it is published under an Open Source License (the exact form of which is not yet determined). This software base consists of:

  • the distributed runtime (Perspectives Runtime)
  • two packages for Atom: a syntax coloring package, and a language server client;
  • a language server for ARC (the syntactic counterpart of the visual design language), providing syntactical and semantic checks and autocompletion.

It also builds:

  • a number of models that support co-operation in the private space and in the public space, for citizens;
  • a repository for those models (third parties can contribute).

Onze Meent exploits this repository by offering citizens unlimited access to the models in compensation of a monthly fee of € 3,-. It distributes these revenues, after deduction of costs to maintain the infrastructure (software, models and repository), among authors of models. This service is known under the name InPlace.

Perspect IT has an exclusive right to exploit the software base, until it is published as Open Source (when, by definition, it is open for anybody to use). In return for this right of use, Perspect IT contributes to the software base. In addition, Perspect IT develops and maintains the following proprietry software:

  • the Vision Tool: a plugin for Enterprise Architect;
  • the UML conversion tool that produces UML output from a Perspectives model (to be developed);
  • the DBMS schema generator that produces a (relational) database model from a Perspectives model (to be developed);
  • an interface to Jira (to be developed).

Perspectives is a work in progress.