We’ve published a number of pages explaining the theoretical background of Perspectives. More is to follow. Currently, we provide the following:

  • PhilosophyPerspectivism is a philosophical school of thought with some bearing to our work. The same holds for Contextualism.
  • Perspectives on Information. In the context of Perspectives, the concept of ‘information’ acquires a new meaning. We thoroughly deal with contextual interpretation, introduce a notion of ‘usefulness’ of IT and show how privacy is guaranteed by design.
  • Perspectives on Logic The core of the system is solidly based on logical theory. It deploys a number of well established techniques from Artificial Intelligence, such as forward chainingbackward chaining and truth maintenance.
  • Blockchain. Decentralisation has quickly become a buzzword. ‘Dweb’ is the new, distributed web. Blockchain is a key technology in this arena. We publish four studies on Blockchain, Bitcoin and its relation to Perspectives.

As long as we haven’t written it up properly, read our post on Perspectives as a Protocol.